Musikind is “absolutely imperative and important for the home”

Salisbury Journal have reported on the use of Musikind at Avonbourne Care Centre OSJCT. Read the story here.

Is ‘My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean’ the most malleable song for music therapy?

Here we explore why ‘My Bonnie’ is such as flexible song.

Reconnecting to an Instrument

Activity Explanation This activity reconnects a person to an instrument they used to play. If a person used to play an instrument, does your home have that instrument? Or could you arrange for one to be offered to the person? Once you have the instrument, gently invite the person to explore it. This could mean…
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Reconnecting, Without Playing

Activity Explanation This activity supports a person to reconnect to an instrument without needing to play it. Take a device such as a tablet/iPad into the activity area. Spend a few minutes greeting the person and then offer to play some music performed on the instrument they have played frequently in the past. You can…
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Let the Musikind play…

After years of development, the Musikind IOS application is now only months away from launching. It has been custom built for operation using Apple’s iPad and designed specifically for use in care homes for older adults and those living with dementia. The app will leverage technology to bring the varied benefits of music to carers…
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