Enrich Daily Care

Musikind enables carers to use the benefits of music during care to help build trust, soothe or provide a source of stimulation.    

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Include All Residents

Musikind is perfect for room visits. Carers can provide one to one singing, listening or instrument playing activities with little preparation time.

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Support Well-being 

Musikind’s Music Plans are designed to facilitate ongoing support to well-being through the person-centred application of music in care.

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Share Magic Moments

Musikind’s Studio feature allows personalised renditions of familiar songs to be created with ease and shared with loved ones.

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A New, Award Winning Digital Solution

Winners of a Solutions for an Ageing Society award from UnLtd and finalists for the Innovation Excellence Award at the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Exp 2021.

‘Amazed at how in-depth Musikind was’
~ care team after training workshop

Our mission is to put all the varied benefits of music into the hands of carers – empowering them to use music in more ways, more often.

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Research shows that the benefits of music go far beyond providing entertainment and that it’s one of the most stimulating and rewarding activities people can partake in during later life. Music is a non-pharmaceutical, non-verbal & highly flexible medium for supporting well-being. It’s important to see music not only as an activity but as part of daily care.


Musikind’s music has been composed, recorded and chosen specifically for use in care homes for older adults and people living with dementia.


Carers can quickly glide from screen to screen and access the music best suited for the care situation and the individual’s preferences.  


Carers can read tips that apply to the specific use of music they have chosen. There is also an online training module for when staff have more time to learn.


Create Music Profiles and Music Plans with Musikind to begin learning more about a person’s ‘musical self’ and schedule music into their weekly routine.

Musikind gives £1 from every subscription directly to Alzheimer’s Society. Every month.

Registered Charity Number : 296645

Latest News

Stay up to date with the latest developments at Musikind and stay tuned for music related suggestions, research and real-life stories about the power of music.

Musikind is “absolutely imperative and important for the home”

Salisbury Journal have reported on the use of Musikind at Avonbourne Care Centre OSJCT. Read the story here.

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Reconnecting to an Instrument

Activity Explanation This activity reconnects a person to an instrument they used to play. If a person used to play an instrument, does your home have that instrument? Or could[…]

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What’s Included with a Musikind Subscription?

Along with our app, you gain access to resources that help integrate Musikind into your care home.

We recommend acquiring a bluetooth speaker and a set of instruments to get the most out of the group sessions included in Musikind. If you need any help setting up external speakers with your iPad, just get in touch and we’ll help.

Purposed Designed App

Our patent pending app is designed from the ground up by a Music Therapist for carers working with older adults and people living with dementia in care homes.

In-App Training 

Our in-app training course makes it easy for staff to quickly become familiar with Musikind so that they can start incorparating the benefits of music into their care activities.

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Resource Pack

We provide access to materials that can be printed and distributed to staff to ensure that your team is ready to get the most out of using Musikind.

Our Team

Get in touch with us to get started using Musikind in your care home

Arash Bazrafshan


Arash is the founder and lead Music Therapist at Musikind. He’s has worked exclusively in care homes for older adults and people living with dementia since earning his Masters in Music Therapy in 2014.


Hazel Askew

Music Contributor

Hazel Askew is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer from London, creating powerful music inspired by the folk traditions of England and beyond.

Lisa Thom

Customer Support

For general support contact Lisa, she’ll be happy to help.


Stephanie Stokes

Creative Writing Contributor

Stephanie has many years of experience caring for people living with dementia along with decades of experience teaching English and Psychology.

Leigh Warren-Thomas

Music Contributor

Leigh is an accomplished vocalist and a Music Therapist with a wealth of experience working with people living with dementia.

Mark Galpin

Accounts Manager

For questions regarding your account, payments and for new accounts, Mark is here to help.


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