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Enrich Your In-House Music

Musikind is designed specially for care homes by a Music Therapist

We would love to meet you in person, however as it’s not possible right now, we have made this page so that you can learn about what we do from your office or home.


Benefits to your organisation

The purpose of Musikind is to embed therapeutic music into your delivery of person-centred care.

In-House Therapeutic Music

Empower staff to enhance the use of in-house music in both activities and daily care. New staff can quickly learn how to utilise Musikind from the built-in training.

Made For Person-Centred Care

Our App is designed by a Music Therapist with a wealth of experience in using music in care homes. Musikind contains a huge menu of musical options with a built-in framework to enable staff to apply it in a person-centred way.

Reduce Activity Planning Time

Our top priority was making the interface responsive and time effective. Musikind can be picked up and used spontaneously for daily care, one to ones and group activities.


Musikind launched in January 2020 and we have already completed development on a significant new feature – Musikind Studio. We also regularly update the App with new music, guidance, trivia and training videos. This is only the beginning for us, our mission is to put all the benefits of music into the hands of carers.

Musikind is ‘absolutely imperative and important for the home‘…


3 Easy Steps

From taking the first step to playing the first song, the process is swift and simple.


Sign Up

An easy sign up process that can be completed once for the whole organisation.



Download Musikind in seconds from the Apple App Store on your iPad. One set of login details can be used by your whole organisation or individual logins can be generated.



The App has a training section so staff can quickly get the most out of Musikind. In this section are suggested first steps, such as assigning one staff member to be the Musikind ‘Lead’ or ‘Champion’.

“Music is part of being human.”

Oliver Sacks, CBE


Get in Touch

Contact Arash to chat on a voice or video call.


Arash Bazrafshan

Musikind Founder, Director and Music Therapist (HCPC)



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